Matt Dillon as honorary guest of Kustendorf Film Festival

The famous Hollywood actor Matt Dillon will be the guest of the upcoming film festival Kustendorf that takes place on the Mećavnik Mountain, it was announced today at a press conference in the Ministry of Culture and Information.

At the festival, Dillon will hold a workshop for students, plus there will be a screening of his iconic movie “Drugstore Cowboy”, directed by Gus Van Sant.

The 12th edition of the Kustendorf Festival will take place from January 11th to 16th. The documentary “Pepe, an Exalted Life”, which is directed by Emir Kusturica, will officially open the festival.

The film is dedicated to Jose Mujica, the former president of Uruguay, also known as “the poorest president in the world”.

“Mujica is very old and his presence at the festival is not guaranteed. I’m trying to arrange for him to come “, said Kusturica, the founder of the festival, which is held this year under the slogan “The Perfect Twelve “.

A total of 21 films were selected to compete at the festival – 15 featured films, three documentaries, two animated and one experimental short film, directed by filmmakers from Switzerland, Australia, Serbia, Norway, the Republic of Srpska, Poland, Russia, Israel, France, Germany, Iran, Spain, Macedonia, Turkey and the Philippines. Serbian cinema will be represented by the film “Kostakurta”, directed by Saša Karanović and “Autumn Waltz”, directed by Ognjen Petković.

Apart from Dillon, other film greats will also have their guest appearances including the Spanish actor, Sergi Lopez, iconic Serbian actor, Slavko Štimac, Italian actors Adriano Tardiolo and Luca Chikovani (from the film Happy as Lazzaro), film directors the brothers D’Innocenzo from Italy, Femi Bright from Lagos, Adilkhan Yerzhanov from Kazakhstan, as well as producer Andrea Gambetta (film “Pope Francis”).

The music part of the festival will feature the folk music orchestra of Advah Valeri from Moldova, Vizio Caposello, the popular ethnic musician from Italy, the Dutch-Serbian ensemble Jovan Pavlović and Marko Marković Brass Band that features  15 accordions and one trumpeter, as well as popular Serbian ethnic music singer Bilja Krstić and her band Bistrik,

(Blic, 27.12.2018)


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