Matkovic: Inflation 14%, food prices up 21%, poverty on the rise

Gordana Matković, programme director of the Centre for Social Policy, said that “unfortunately, the crisis caused first by the COVID-19 pandemic, and then by the war in Ukraine, will not be much different from all other crises and the biggest burden will once again fall on the poorest”.

“Annual inflation in Serbia stood at 14 percent in September, with food prices going up by 21 percent. Also, 10 percent of the poorest citizens spend more than half of their income on food,” Matković, who was the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Policy in Zoran Djindjić’s government, warns.

She adds that “since salaries have not been higher since 2019, it is clear that now the people in Serbia are now left with even smaller means of survival, and their situation will certainly worsen when energy prices rise in the coming period”.

Commenting on the recent statement by the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, that she could live on the minimum wage of 40,000 dinars for several days, Matković stated that she (the Prime Minister) “did not handle her job well, although it is not easy to live under the constant spotlight”.

“Furthermore, when someone is in power for too long, they lose their sense of reality,” Matković underlined.

(N1, 10.11.2022)

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