Matijević Company the biggest landowner in Serbia

Meat processing company Matijević is the biggest landowner in Serbia at the moment, with 28,000 hectares of land, but the ranking has changed recently, writes the Agrosmart web portal.

The businessman from Novi Sad, Petar Matijević owner of the eponymous meat enterprise which comprises 70 companies, has 33,000 hectares of agricultural land, of which he owns 28,000 hectares.

In response to the news that the founder of ‘Microsoft’, Bill Gates, is the largest owner of agricultural land in the United States with 100,000 hectares, Agrosmart has released the latest data on the ownership of agricultural land in Serbia, according to which Matijević is ‘Serbia’s Bill Gates’.

Miodrag Kostić comes as No. 2 when it comes to owning cultivated land. Miroslav Aleksa, founder and owner of the Almeks farm in Pančevo, took his place. According to Agrosmart, Almeks has close to 20,000 hectares, half rented and half-owned.

The third place is occupied by Al Dahra, which in 2018, bought the property of the Belgrade Agricultural Company (PKB) and got almost 17,000 hectares of arable land following the acquisition. Al Dahra also owns an orchard in Fruška Gora, in the municipality of Irig. The Rudnap Company, which, according to the website, has orchards spanning 130 hectares, plans to expand to 500 hectares.

Miodrag Kostić and his company MK Group ranked fourth because he has sold several properties, and now owns about 15,000 hectares.

Proprietor of Delta Holding, Miroslav Mišković, is ranked right after Kostić with about 13,000 hectares under cultivation in total, of which his company manages about 10,000.

Next is Krsta Ćorić, the owner of the Ćorić Company from Bašaid. According to Agrosmart, he has around 12,000 hectares, half of which he rents out. This company was initially engaged in the sale of agricultural machinery, but for years has been involved in livestock production.

In 2014, the Arab company Elit Agro, based in Abu Dhabi, via its Serbian subsidiary, Jugo Elit Agro, bought the Zobnatica agricultural and tourist complex in Bačka Topola, which then owned 114 hectares of land and had 1,507 hectares under a long-term lease.

Two years ago, Elit Agro also purchased the Al Ravafed farm (which comprises of the Morović Military Institute, Bačka Company from Sivac and Jadran Company from Nova Gajdobra), which cultivates approximately 10,500 hectares, of which approximately 2,500 hectares are owned by the farm.

The prices of agricultural land have remained stable and have not increased significantly in recent years.

According to data from the State Geodetic Authority the most expensive arable land is located in the South Banat District, where prices have risen to 31,000 euro per hectare. In Srem, in the last quarter of last year, they ranged from 1,150 to 30,700 euro and in the South Banat district from 400 to 20,050 euro per hectare.

(Danas, 08.04.2021)


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