Matijevic buys Slavia Lux Hotel for 6.5mln EUR

The Slavija Lux Hotel, which is one of the three hotels operating under the Slavija Hotels complex, was sold on Tuesday (16th January, 2018) for 6.5 million EUR to Mat Real Estate, owned by Petar Matijevic, writes the Danas daily.

The new owner, previously announced as a potential buyer of the hotel, is given a 15-day deadline to pay the amount, but he will not be able to take over the facility until the court determines whether the hotel’s disputed debt of about 2 million EUR does exist.

Mat Real Estate was the only company to participate in the auction scheduled by the public enforcement officer Marko Vukicevic. The first valuation of the state-owned facility was submitted by Vukicevic, while preparing an auction. He determined that the 7,000-square-metre hotel was worth EUR 4 million. Following a reaction by the hotel management, the valuation was revised up to EUR 5.94 million.

“The representatives of Slavija Hotels attended the auction, and I have already indicated that it is necessary to wait for the court’s decision. The enforcement officer decided to go ahead regardless of my warning, and ruled that the amount collected could not be transferred to the creditor, Fil-Shar, until the court decides on the legal remedies following our filing against the enforcement officer’s decision to put the hotel up for sale”, the Chairwoman of the Slavija Hotels Assembly, Maja Pejcic said for the Danas daily, and added that it would be much better for this hotel complex was sold in privatization as a whole.

Matijevic stated that he was aware of the legal consequences of the sale, adding that he took under consideration all legal risks involved.

(eKapija, 17.01.2018)

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