Matic:”Election law needs to be changed”

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matic, said the current electoral law “is not good and is discouraging for party activists, since it is known in advance who will win seats in the parliament”.

“We need a new law, which would keep the proportional system, but give citizens the opportunity to vote for specific candidates on the electoral list,” Matic said.

According to her, “this would induce parties to nominate the best people from their ranks who are also influential in their respective communities”.

“The distribution of seats would be done in the 70:30 ratio, which means that the largest number of MPs would be elected on the basis of their achievements, and 30% of seats would be determined by parties on the basis of territory, gender or other equal rights,” Matic underlined.

She concluded that “only two other countries in Europe have an electoral model similar to the current one in Serbia, which is why it should be changed and adapted more to the voters”.

(, 12.04.2021)

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