Matic: “Health certificates will be easily accessible to all tourists”

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, Tatjana Matić, expects that health certificates, which will allow travelling to other countries, will be easily accessible to tourists.

“The efforts of all international tourist organizations will be geared towards making this document available accessible and usable in all countries, as proof of whether you have been infected or not (with the coronavirus), and whether you have been vaccinated,” Matic told the RTS TV.

She has no doubt that parents will be able to take their children on tourist trips too since vaccination is not recommended for them.

“Although it will be necessary to issue health certificates, I am sure that there will be no problems in regard to children. This is not the COVID passport, but a certificate that will allow everyone to cross the border without obstacles, and children will be able to go on trips with their parents without further inconvenience,” the Minister concluded.

(Nova, 25.01.2021)




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