Maternity hospital Narodni Front to transfer to new building in Bezanijska Kosa

The construction of the new Gynecological-Obstetrics Clinic Narodni Front (GAK Narodni Front) will begin next year in a Belgrade quarter of Bezanijska Kosa, and the planning documentation is currently being prepared – Marko Blagojevic, the director of the Public Investments Office, announced for the Politika.

The hospital should be built close to the Clinical Hospital Centre Bezanijska Kosa (KBC Bezanijska Kosa), on a currently undeveloped area.

“The priority at the moment is for the Belgrade government to adopt the planning documentation, after which the hospital itself will take over the project, while our task is to supervise the works. It would be ideal for the project design to be finished this year so that the construction could start in 2020. Before making the decision to build this facility, we analyzed what the costs of the reconstruction of the existing building in the city’s centre would be and concluded that it would be more cost-effective to build a new hospital”, Blagojevic says.

In the meantime, until the new facility is finished, an agreement has been made with the clinic’s management for everything they need in terms of equipment to be provided, as long as it is mobile and transportable.

“That is the requirement, so that the equipment could be transferred to the new clinic. We are making a list of the necessary devices that need to be procured in order to upgrade the hospital’s operations before the move”, Blagojevic adds.

It has not yet been decided what to do with the existing building in the Kraljica Natalija Street which was built after the Second World War. Until March 1, 1955, the building housed the Yugoslav secret police – OZNA.

Today’s clinic has still retained some of its old features including the room in which the head of the secret police, Slobodan Penezic Krcun used. Some parts of the clinic still have “hidden” closets and secret doors leading to other rooms. After the maternity clinic leaves, there are suggestions that the building could be turned into a museum, as a testimony of a certain time period.

(Politika, 10.01.2018)

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