MAT: Overall and processing industry record a decline in September

Economic activity in Serbia in September 2022 fell compared to the same month in 2021, so the total industrial production and the processing industry decreased, it was stated in the November edition of Macroeconomic Analysis and Trends (MAT) magazine.

Only a minimal increase in mining production was recorded in the observed period, because production growth was noticeable only in metal ore exploitation, while production in all other areas decreased year-on-year.

In September, the production of electricity remained at last year’s level, which is a positive change, viewed cumulatively for the period of nine months. Although the decline in this economic segment was mitigated, it still exceeded ten percent.

The manufacturing industry in September had a year-on-year drop in production, although an increase was recorded in fourteen segments and a decrease in ten.

The decline was large in the food, tobacco and pharmaceutical industry, production of non-metallic minerals, furniture production and production of basic metals.

The magazine also reports that the values of both exports and imports in September remained high year-on-year but significantly lower than those in the first half of the year, with the increase in exports in September slightly exceeding the increase in imports.

 In the first nine months of this year, the increase in the value of imports is significantly higher than the increase in exports, and it is largely based on the increase in the prices of imported goods.

(, 08.11.2022)



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