MAT: Investments growing, industrial production slowing down

Investments have continued growing but Serbia’s industrial production is slowing down, economy expert Ivan Nikolic warned on Wednesday.

“Investments continued growing in May as did exports but the growth of industrial production has slowed down,” he said at a presentation of the latest edition of Macroeconomic Analyses and Trends (MAT) monthly.   

“Exports are growing faster than imports. Due to the strong influx of foreign currency, the country’s foreign currency reserves are also growing and the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) has bought as much foreign currency in June as it did in all of 2017 to ease the excessive daily fluctuations in the exchange rate,” Nikolic said.

According to the preliminary data, the budget surplus is rising and it stood at around 30 billion dinars (about 255 million Euros) in May – Matic said. He also added that a record low inflation of 0.8 percent was registered in that month.

MAT Coordinator, Stojan Stamenkovic warned that industrial production recorded a rise of just 0.5 percent and the processing industry of just 1.6 percent in May which he called “a serious problem”.

“The processing industry recorded a growth of just 3.9 percent between January and April instead of the planned 5 to

6x percent,” he said.

Stamenkovic said that exports were growing at a rate of 5.1 percent and imports at 2.8 percent.

(N1, 04.07.2018)


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