Mass cycling event in Belgrade on 29 October

People feel “better, brighter, in a better mood, calmer, healthier, more vital, freer, happier, more optimistic” when they ride a bicycle. This is the reason why the 132nd Critical Mass (a large-scale cycling event) this year focuses on one of the most important topics and pressing problems in the lives of all of us – our mental health.

Every third person in Serbia is considered psychologically vulnerable, according to the latest research (PIN, 2022), and every sixth resident of Serbia (15.2%) has disorders that deserve the attention of a psychiatrist (Cov2Soul, 2021). Depressive and anxious reactions to various life situations arising from today’s lifestyle and daily stress are becoming more and more common.

On the other hand, a survey conducted by Cycleplan showed that around 75% of people felt an improvement in their mental health since they started cycling.

That is why the Streets for Cyclists Civil Association and Mental Health and Civic Initiatives Movement is organizing this year’s Critical Mass, under the slogan “Pedal to Mental Health”.

Cyclists of all ages and cycling skills are asked to gather in Nikola Pasic Square in Belgrade, tomorrow, October 29th, at 2:30 pm, when the event and the cycling around Belgrade starts.

A similar event will also take place in Novi Sad, today, October 28th, at 5 pm. The gathering of cyclists is in Limanski Park.

(City Magazine, 28.10.2022)


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