Masks also mandatory for children; young people at risk as much as the elderly

In the last 24 hours, 11 deaths as a result of the coronavirus have been recorded in Serbia and out of 7,955 people tested, 396 were positive, said the provincial secretary of health, Zoran Gojković.

As of today, it will be possible to check the PCR test results via an online application. A member of the crisis unit Dr. Mijomir Pelemis, underlines that everyone can be infected with the coronavirus and that the masks must also be worn by children.

At the beginning of the press conference, Dr. Pelemis thanked health care workers for their superhuman efforts and added that younger people are increasingly dying from the consequences of the virus, although no precise figures on the death rate are available.

He went on to say that everyone can be infected with the coronavirus, regardless of age and whether or not they have previously had a chronic disease.

“No-one is immune and the course of the disease is different depending on the patient’s overall health condition and age,” Dr. Pelemis underlined, recalling that people in their 30s can also easily die from the virus.

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Gojkovic said that, as of this afternoon, all citizens who have been tested will be able to see their test results through an application.

“This is a good thing, precisely because of all the problems we had in the previous period,” said Zoran Gojković and added that daily press conferences will be held to prevent information from being tampered with.

“Everyone has to wear masks. Unfortunately, children also have to wear them. We just need to find appropriate masks for children because the ones we have now are impractical and uncomfortable for them,” Dr. Pelemis concluded.

(RTS, 19.07.2020)

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