Martinovic: SNS united behind decision about Brnabic’s appointment

The head of the SNS group in the Serbian Assembly said on Monday this group would vote unanimously in favour of Ana Brnabic becoming Serbia’s new prime minister.

Aleksandar Martinovic added that the SNS position was that the required majority must be provided by the parties that formed the pre-election coalition called “Aleksandar Vucic – Serbia is Winning.”

He went on to say the SNS expects the SDPS, PUPS, the Socialist Movement, the People’s Farmers Party, and the United Farmers Party to vote in favor of the proposal.

In a statement for Tanjug on Monday, Martinovic recalled that President Aleksandar Vucic – who on Friday nominated Brnabic and on Monday met with the representatives of his party – received almost 56 percent in recent presidential elections – “therefore this is about taking a principled position”.

“Those who abstain from voting, or who take a stance against Brnabic as a candidate for PM, will in fact take a stance against Aleksandar Vucic. The SNS will not let anyone blackmail it, nor do we want to allow a political situation where we depend on anyone”, Martinovic added.

He advised “other political parties” to “consider carefully” whether they would vote in favour of Brnabic, and added that “those who do not vote will have excluded themselves from the coalition with the SNS.”

Martinovic also said he expects the Assembly to debate and vote on a new government on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

“In that way, Serbia’s new government could take the oath of office as soon as (next) Thursday. That means that, if everything goes according to plan, Serbia will get a government within the deadline defined by the Constitution,” he said.

(IBNA, 19.06.2017)


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