Marinika Tepic: “Vucic personally mediated in the sale of weapons.”

“Pending Aleksandar Vucic’s response on the causes of the deaths of officials and Ambassador Oliver Potezica in Libya, we came to the conclusion that, as Minister of Defense in 2013, Aleksandar Vucic personally mediated in the arms trade between Libya and the arms dealer Slobodan Tesic, sponsor of the Serbian Progressive Party,” said yesterday the Vice President of the Party for Freedom and Justice and a member of the Serbian Parliament, Marinika Tepic.

“We know that Vucic, once, personally requested for an arms dealer Slobodan Tesic to be a part of the official delegation, who was, at the time, blacklisted by the UN because he was suspected of arms trafficking. The consequence of this, according to witnesses, has been the death of two officials of the Serbian embassy in Libya,” said Marinika Tepic at a press conference at the Serbian Parliament, showing a photo of that meeting with Tesic present.

According to her, witnesses also confirmed that Vucic welcomed and spoke with one of the leaders of al-Qaeda, Khalid Al Sharif, who was in the delegation during a ceremonial dinner.

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“Although the agreement seems to have been concluded by the states of Serbia and Libya, the state company SDPR, that was supposed to do this deal on behalf of the state, sold the arms to the Cyprus-based company called Karso, with which Slobodan Tesic is affiliated. In this way, he was introduced as an intermediary in this trade. Witnesses claim that the consequence of this agreement between Vucic and Tesic was the death of Serbian embassy staff in Libya in 2015, and the killing of Ambassador Oliver Potezica,” continued Tepic.

She added that she also learned that Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic lied when he said that his father, Branko Stefanovic, had nothing to do with the GIM arms company, stating that Aleksandar Vucic personally confirmed that to RTS a few days ago saying that Branko Stefanovic was employed by the GIM Company.

“That is why I ask Vucic to tell us how long has Stefanovic, who’s also retired, been working for GIM and what kind of work he does for them. Just to note that this company has increased its revenue 200 times in the last four years, from 100,000 euro to 20 million euro last year. We also ask Vucic what he discussed with Goran Todorovic, the official owner of GIM, before appearing on TV and what they agreed on. The key question is whether all private arms dealers must first go to Vucic, who then subsequently makes them part of state delegations, as intermediaries in the arms trade, taking away that role from the legitimate state companies. Is this a way for private company owners to one day emerge as owners of our weapons sector?” Tepic wonders.

According to her, all the weapons seized from the citizens were sold to GIM at the price of 30 dinars per kilogramme and the same company then re-sold them at much higher prices, sometimes even in the black market.

(Danas, 12.11.2019)




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