Marinika Tepic: “The end of the regime is closer than many people think”

Vice President of the Freedom and Justice Party, Marinika Tepic, said that the current government is aware of its incompetence, that it is becoming weaker and hence feels the need to “cover up its inability to solve a single problem by engaging in daily media manipulation.”

Tepic said that more and more people “understand what Vucic really is and believe in the opposite of what he is saying and doing”.

“More and more people see that when he talks about defending Serbian interests, he is working against those interests. When Vucic talks about the church and takes pictures with high church dignitaries, you cannot help but think that this is a person who violates at least eight of God’s ten commandments every day,” Tepic added.

She goes on to say that Vucic has an incredible need for an almost daily presence in the media with national frequency, even though it is clear to all that “the government has taken a downward trajectory, and due to numerous blows, it is becoming weaker and heading towards its end.”

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Tepic also adds that the government has been investing billions in concrete and asphalt and yet has been drastically saving money on people.

“We have capable, educated and professional people who have been put on the back burner while the worst people have bubbled up to the surface. Just look at the National Parliament, where MPs are the worst members of the Serbian Progressive Party. Good results cannot be achieved and problems cannot be solved by working with the worst people,” Tepić warns.

She cited the pandemic as an example, because, as she says, Serbia has excellent doctors and outstanding nurses, but there are unprofessional people who are unable to organize the system to function properly and who are taking advantage of someone else’s illness and death.

(Beta,, 20.12.2020)

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