Marina Abramovic to come to Belgrade with 100 friends, artists, curators and museum directors

The space of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade is being transformed for the complex setting of the exhibition “Čistač” (Cleaner).

The exhibition’s author, Marina Abramovic will arrive in Belgrade with 100 friends (artists, curators, museum directors), and probably her ex-partner Ulay. The press conference is scheduled for 6:23 am. In the spirit of the exhibition, the conference will be held in the very early morning in line with the spirit of the exhibition which is “the state of mind of forced performance”.

While most of the preparations for this event take place in secret, the Danas daily is counting down the days until the opening with a series of texts related to Marina’s artistic position in Belgrade which, according to art historian Yesa Denegri, is crucial for her entire career.

“Rhythmics”, in this order: “10”, “5”, “2”, “4” and “0”, presented in a sort of first Marina retrospective at the Salon of Contemporary Art in 1975, will also feature in the Čistač retrospective.

Marina Abramovic’s exhibition will be held from 21 September 2019 to 20 January 2020 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.

(Nedeljnik, 09.09.2019)



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