Marina Abramovic invites artists to join her master class in Belgrade

Marina Abramovic has invited young Serbian artists and art students to take part in her master class during her exhibition in Belgrade.

A press release said that selected participants will go through a three-day- programme from 24th to 26th September, doing artwork, researching, learning and getting to know the world of performance art.

All interested artists should apply by 25th August by sending an email to , after which Marina Abramovic will select a maximum of 20 participants who will receive a certificate upon completion of the three-day programme.

Abramovic’s retrospective (120 works) titled Cleaner will open at Belgrade’s Museum of Moderna Art on 21st September and close on 20th January 2020.

The exhibition chronologically follows all stages of Marina Abramovic’s complex fifty-year career – from early paintings and conceptual works, through solo performances and collaborative work with former partner Ulay to iconic artwork from Abramovic’s solo career.

The visitors will be able to view more than 120 pieces of art (paintings, drawings, objects, photographs, audio and video works, films, scenery, performances and archival material), anthological works of performance art (Rhythm series, Lips of Thomas, Relational Artwork, Crossing over the Night Sky), as well as the art that marked her recent oeuvre (Balkan Baroque, Seven Easy Pieces, The Artist Is Present).

The exhibition is staged by the Museum with the support of the Serbian government.

(Telegraf, 29.07.2019)



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