Map of investment opportunities in Serbia presented

At the Promotion of Sustainable Investments forum, the Map of Investment Opportunities Following the UN Sustainable Development Goals was officially presented.

The Forum was organized with the aim of encouraging companies to operate in a way that, apart from generating profit, and how they can simultaneously contribute to the country’s economic growth, environmental protection and social well-being.

Opening the forum, the Internal and External Trade Minister, Tomislav Momirovic, said that complying with the principles of sustainable development in global conditions was becoming increasingly important for decision-makers.

“The sectors and the fields presented today within the Map are certainly among the priorities of this government. We expect a greater influx of private capital in the mentioned sector, which is crucial to the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals and building an economy based on honouring all global resources – human and natural alike,” Momirovic said.

The following sectors were highlighted as the most attractive ones for sustainable investments – the production of fresh fruit and vegetables, organic farming, production of solar energy and construction of wind farms, development and implementation of smart technologies in agriculture, as well as the development and implementation of sophisticated software products and services, the provision of waste management services, the construction and management of port infrastructure, the construction of energy-efficient residential facilities, the construction and management of hospitality facilities, as well as the production and supply of medicines, the development and provision of digital and specialized healthcare services and the use of biotechnology in medicine.

The Map also includes information about how much money needs to be invested in individual projects in the aforementioned sectors, what kind of a return on the investment investors can expect and in what time period and how this kind of investment corresponds to the national development priorities, among other things.

The Map can be viewed here – .

(eKapija, 30.06.2023)

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