Many no longer believe in Serbia’s entry into the EU; support for EU membership is taking a nosedive

A survey conducted by Faktor Plus shows that, in the last three years, the Serbian citizens’ support for the EU has been decreasing. Brexit, the French President Emmanuel Macron who is not in favour of enlargement, as well as the problems with Kosovo, have reduced the support for EU membership.

The Blic daily reports that 38% of respondents think that Serbia should not join the EU, only 35% are in favour, while as many as 27% have no opinion about the matter.

Due to the political unrest in Europe, the Kosovo problem or other factors, the Serbian citizens’ interest in EU membership has been declining for a decade now and has been at an all-time low since the 1990s.

The director of Faktor Plus, Vladimir Pejic says that the greatest interest in joining the EU was recorded in the period from 2000 to 2005 and that the first decline in support for EU accession came at the time of Montenegro’s secession and then in 2008, when Kosovo declared independence, which had a major influence on the decline of the support for the EU membership in Serbia.

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“Today, there is no drastic difference compared to a few years ago, but the general opinion is much less favourable to Serbia’s accession in the EU,” says Pejic.

In 2017, 36% of citizens thought that Serbia would become a member of the EU after 2024, while a third thought that this would never happen.

A 2018 survey found that only 1% of respondents thought Serbia would enter the EU by 2025 and only 19% thought it would be likely by 2030, while 33% thought it would never happen.

In 2019, the survey results were even less favourable – 36% of respondents thought that the EU membership would never happen, while 17% thought it could happen by 2030.

(B92, 20.01.2020)


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