Manufacturing industry in Serbia employs 32% of the workforce

Of the total of 105,593 enterprises, most are micro enterprises, 90,106, followed by small ones, 12,187, and medium-sized ones 2,716, while there were 584 large enterprises in 2020, according to a document by the State Statistics Office.

Most of the companies are engaged in wholesale and retail trade and motor vehicle repair – 30.9%, manufacturing 16.2%, specialized, scientific, innovative and technical activities 13.1%, and construction 8.6%.

With regard to the number of employees, out of a total of 1.2 million employees in companies, 13.8% work in micro-enterprises, 20.4% in small enterprises, 23% in medium-sized enterprises and 42.8% in large enterprises.

The majority of employees, 392,215 or 32.4%, work in manufacturing industry, followed by the sale and repair of motor vehicles – 241,795 or 20% of the total number of employees.

The largest turnover, 38.3%, was generated by large enterprises, followed by medium-sized enterprises with a share of 24.6%, small enterprises with 22%, while the share of micro enterprises in the total turnover was 15.1%. By activity, the largest share of turnover was generated by motor vehicle sale and repair companies 37%, manufacturing 28.1%, and construction 8.2%.

(Nova, 15.08.2021)


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