Mansion of newly appointed Belgrade mayor nearly finished

The mansion of Belgrade’s new mayor, Aleksandar Šapić, in the Belgrade neighbourhood of Bežanijaska Kosa, is almost completely finished, and, judging from Nova reporters’ findings, the final finishing touches are being carried out.

Only a month or so ago, Šapić’s villa was near completion. Today, there are no workers on the site and the only proof that work is in progress is a container with rubble on the sidewalk in front of the villa, as well as cables hanging on the walls. Nova has reported several times so far about the disputed construction site owned by Šapić.

At first, neighbours had problems with the new Belgrade mayor with one of them even filing a criminal complaint. Then, it was discovered that Šapić did not even have a building permit, and that he had usurped the space in front of his lot, on which he had several parking lots built.

Following the neighbours’ complaints, building inspector Marica B. started working on the case in 2015 only to later be penalized by being transferred to another job.

(Nova, 01.07.2022)



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