Manojlović: “Vučić has to do something about lithium and Kosovo to appease international community”

Savo Manojlović, campaign director of the Start-Change (Kreni-Pokreni) movement, said that the issue of lithium mining in Serbia, as well as the issue of Kosovo, is something that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić must resolve quickly as a compensation for international community not making too much fuss about election fraud.

Manojlović told NIN weekly that he considers the statement of US Ambassador Christopher Hill that he personally advocates for lithium mining to be a direct interference in the interests of Serbia and “something that should be decided by citizens and local experts”.

“Although their respective countries have opposed interests, there was a high degree of synchronization between the actions of the Russian and American ambassadors, and this was clearly agreed upon,” he said.

Manojlović reminds that one ambassador (Russian) came out with the information that Western countries were orchestrating the protests and that citizens should support Vučić and the current government, “thereby pacifying the right-wing electorate”, while the other (Hill) advises voters to “go home and rest”, thus pacifying the civil electorate.

Speaking about the mine in Bor, Manojlović said that the investor (the Chinese corporation Zijin) should be ordered to adhere to the highest environmental standards and to protect workers’ rights.

“There are so many other problems in Serbia… We are ready to participate in other struggles and help other people to change their communities,” said Manojlović.

​(Novi Magazin, 01.02.2024)

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