Manojlović: “Government is talking about food shortages and yet it is selling our land to foreigners”

Head of the Kreni-Promeni movement, Savo Manojlović, said in Loznica that “if there is ever a food shortage in Serbia, those who destroyed the country with environmentally harmful projects would be responsible for it”.

Manojlović wondered why “is the government warning of food shortages and yet sells the most fertile land ‘for a pittance’ to foreign companies that pollute us in return?” He reminded that Kreni-Promeni intends to propose a law in the National Parliament that would prohibit mining of lithium and boron, in order to protect the country.

Kreni-Promeni invites citizens to sign the popular initiative on this issue. The representative of the Ne Damo Jadar Association, Mariana Petković, said in Loznica that PM Ana Brnabić, “constantly spreads lies claiming that the government is done with Rio Tinto”, while the real situation actually indicates the opposite. “The director of Rio Sava, Rio Tinto’s daughter company, told us that no matter who wins the elections, Rio Tinto would still open the planned mines,” Petković underlined.

(Nedeljnik, 27.03.2022)

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