Manchang: China to start making electric cars in Serbia soon

The Chinese Ambassador to Serbia, Li Manchang announced on Tuesday that a Chinese company has expressed interest in opening an electric car factory in Serbia soon.

Speaking in the town of Pancevo, where he presented a Chinese donation to the Serbian Army worth around EUR 900,000, the ambassador mentioned three large Chinese companies that were planning to launch companies in Serbia.

One of them is the fourth largest tire manufacturer in the world. 

“The director of this company will arrive in Belgrade from Frankfurt on June 22, around midnight” the diplomat has said. In response, President Aleksandar Vucic, who accompanied the Chinese Ambassador, remarked: “If I can meet up with a Turkish delegation after one o’clock in the morning, I can meet up with the Chinese at midnight too.” 

The second company comes from the Hunan Province, where they operate a gold mine. 

“The director of this company has already been in Belgrade,” he said, adding that the company is interested in taking over the copper mining and smelting complex RTB Bor, located in Eastern Serbia. 

“The third company wants to come to Serbia and, together with a Serbian partner, open a joint venture company that would manufacture electric cars, which would be sold worldwide,” Li concluded. 

(B92, 20.06.2017)

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