Mali: “We are ready to provide further assistance to the most vulnerable sectors”

The Ministry of Finance has said that, in the coming days, it would form small task forces with the aim of devising appropriate measures to help hoteliers, travel agencies and bus companies that transport passengers as soon as possible.

The Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali, discussed this issue yesterday at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia with representatives of the board of directors of the group of courier drivers and the group of the Tourism Association.

During the meeting, proposals for sectoral support to the economic branches most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic were discussed and it was agreed that small task forces will be formed in the coming days in order to take appropriate measures as soon as possible.

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After the representatives of the sectors concerned had presented their proposals, the Minister underlined that the state was ready to help them and to seriously address the new economic situation and react with economic measures in record time.

The objective of sectoral support, as he said, is to maintain liquidity, start the economic activity as quickly as possible and preserve jobs.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Commerce, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic and the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Marko Cadez, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Infrastructure, the Association of Hoteliers and Caterers of Serbia (HORES), the National Association of Travel Agencies (YUTA) and the Association of Tourist Guides.

(RTV, 11.05.2020)

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