Mali: “There’s enough money for a new aid package for businesses”

“Serbian public finances are stable and there is enough money to allocate additional funds for the financial assistance to businesses and citizens, which was already announced by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic,” Finance Minister Sinisa Mali told Tanjug news agency yesterday.

Mali underlined that, by February 15, an additional aid package for businesses will be devised, and that the final analyses are currently underway in order to direct the money in the right way, i.e. to help all those companies who really need it.

“We are evaluating different options, but we believe that there will be a payment of half of the minimum wage, as well as additional support for our older fellow citizens during this year, who have already received a pension increase of 5.9% since January,” Finance Minister added.

Mali also underlined that, thanks to the responsible management of public finances and financial consolidation implemented by the state in previous years, it was possible for Serbia to have one of the most generous aid packages in 2020, as well as to continue with the aid this year.

In 2020, the total value of financial assistance for businesses and citizens amounted to 704 billion dinars, which, he pointed out, is about six billion euro, or 12.7% of GDP.

“Despite such a generous aid package, Serbia has kept its public debt below 60% of GDP, which is the level prescribed by the Maastricht criteria. This is exactly the basis for a new aid package,” he concluded.

(Politika, 12.01.2021)




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