Mali: “The arrival of the American DFC will guarantee billions of dollars in investments”

According to the Finance Minister, Siniša Mali, the agreement concluded with the American development agency, DFC will bring to Serbia billions of dollars.

“It is an opportunity not to be missed, because the Americans are offering billions of dollars that we will receive by the end of November, for the development of Serbian companies, the economy and infrastructure projects,” Mali added.

“When I said we were hoping for a billion dollars just for guarantees, they (DFC) told me, think of billions of dollars, not just one,” Mali told reporters, adding that the exact figure will be known at the end of next week.

“We will complete three programmes in the next ten days that are very important for Serbian citizens. The first one is a guarantee structure for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, for which we have allocated two billion euro during the pandemic “, Mali said.

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Mali is due to meet with the head of DFC’s Belgrade office next week, when they are due to finalize the agreement on the guarantee scheme.

“In addition to this, they insist that we must provide a special financing line for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which have up to 500 employees, for their further development. In this way, the investment risk is reduced and businesses will gain the credibility they need to develop and enter new markets,” Mali underlined.

It is particularly important to mention that DFC insists on supporting American investors in arriving in Serbia.

“Their arrival is a great sign which tells other investors that the risk of investing in Serbia is reduced and we have credibility, “concluded the Finance Minister.

(eKapija, 23.09.2020)


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