Mali: “Second minimum wage will be disbursed next week”

The second minimum wage will be paid to companies and employees in the first week of June, and the third one in the first week of July, Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said today for Tanjug.

He reminds that the Government of Serbia paid the first minimum wage to 1,052,000 workers in 232,000 companies on May 7.

“I would like to invite companies to stay on the programme. The next payment will be made in the first week of June and then we expect another one in the first week of July. Our economy is running again; companies, micro, small and medium enterprises have all started working. Regardless, we are going to keep our promise,” Mali said.

He points out that the aid in the form of three minimum wages will help companies consolidate their operations and pay the salaries until the economic activities gain momentum in the country after the coronavirus crisis.

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The minister has also invited companies to continue their talks with the Development Fund and commercial banks about loans and the guarantee scheme.

“SMEs have asked commercial banks for support amounting to nearly a billion euro. The state provides a guarantee for those loans which companies should use them to boost their working assets and liquidity,” Mali explained.

He estimates that Serbia’s economy has not been affected too badly by the coronavirus epidemic and that it now remains for the economy to return to the growth rates it had two or three months ago.

(Blic, 21.05.2020)


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