Mali: No agreement with IMF regarding electricity price

Finance Minister Sinisa Mala confirmed on Tuesday that the issue of increasing the price of electricity in Serbia has been discussed with IMF representatives, but that no agreement was reached.

According to him, the views of the government of Serbia and the IMF differ in this regard, both when it comes to justifying the move, and the percentage of the possible price hike. 

“I don’t want to come out with more details since we did not reach an agreement,” Mali said. 

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Head of the IMF delegation, Jan Kess Martijn was asked if the IMF wanted a 5% increase in electricity price and whether the price should have been increased during the summer. He said that the IMF spoke with government representatives about the price of electricity and that that was an important issue in Serbia and in other countries. 

He went on to say that the price must be such as to provide enough room for system maintenance and investments and that there was also the social aspect, adding that all those aspects should be balanced out.

“We are yet to reach an acceptable conclusion regarding that,” Martijn added.

(Dnevnik, 21.05.2019)





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