Mali: “Construction of the subway in Belgrade will start on 22nd November”

“The construction of the Belgrade subway will start on 22 November in Makiško Polje,” announced Finance Minister Siniša Mali yesterday.

After signing a contractual agreement with the Chinese company, Power China, stipulating the construction of the required subway infrastructure and the subway depot/warehouse in Makiško Polje, Minister Mali said that the construction of the first subway line (from Makiško Polje to Mirijevo) has officially begun with the signing of the document.

The Minister underlined that the future subway is a sign of a better future for Belgrade. The Construction Minister Tomislav Momirović, who signed the contract with representatives of the Chinese company, also said that after almost 50 years of empty promises, the Belgrade subway project is finally being implemented.

He announced that the first line will have been completed by 2028 and the second by 2030.

(Sputnik News, 03.11.2021)


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