Majority of people in Serbia are apolitical

Two-thirds of Serbian citizens are apolitical, anti-political or have no ideological orientation; apoliticism is particularly pronounced in the population aged 30-39, and among highly-educated people.

According to a survey conducted by BIRODI (Research Office), if elections were to take place today, the majority of the survey respondents would vote for Vucic’s SNS or for the civil movements, reports the Danas daily.

These results are a consequence of making the media apolitical and the absence of proper opposition, as well as politics being presented as an activity reserved solely for Aleksandar Vucic who is perceived as “the man for everything”, says Zoran Gavrilovic, a sociologist at BIRODI.

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The political opinions of citizens were analyzed on a sample of 1,006 respondents in relation to ideologies and not political parties, based on age, education, information and electoral behaviour.

The final conclusion of the survey is that just under two-thirds of the respondents, 59.2%, are a(anti)political, while more than one-third of the respondents have an ideological orientation which is predominantly democratic, i.e. 10.8%. It is interesting to note that, according to age division, citizens between the ages of 30 and 39 are, statistically speaking, anti-political, while those in their 30s, including those who are highly educated, are apolitical.

“It is a pity that the disinterest in politics is more pronounced in this population range because we are talking about young and educated people who are able to bring about change in society. Instead, they say that they are not interested in politics, that society is corrupt, and that it lacks solidarity and empathy. They do not see their future in Serbia. They are the ones who intend to leave the country,” says Gavrilovic.

He explains that one of the objectives of this research was to identify the link between the ideological orientation of citizens and the parties they vote for.

The survey showed that there are two groups of apolitical citizens: those who would have voted for a civil movement, and others (a significant part of them) who would vote for the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

The largest percentage of apolitical people is among the voters of the Free Citizens’ Movement (58.6%), followed by Gradjanski Front, the Ne Davimo Beograd movement, Lokalni Front, and Samo Jako (cumulatively 68% of apolitical people). These are mostly upper-class citizens, young and educated, who do not have a clear ideological orientation but are interested in public action, solving citizens’ problems and fighting for the rule of law.

However, Vucic’s SNS also has a significant number of apolitical voters, 42.8%.

(, 04.08.2019)



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