Maja Popović: ‘192,220 cases of domestic violence reported since June 2017’

Justice Minister Maja Popović said that, since the beginning of the implementation of the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence, which started on 1 June 2017, the domestic violence coordination and cooperation groups met 10,848 times and reviewed 192,220 reported cases of domestic violence, as well as arranged 61,327 individual protections and support plans for victims.

At the meeting of the Council for the Suppression of Domestic Violence, Popović said that during the same period, assistant prosecutors submitted 72,344 proposals to extend restraining orders for protection of domestic violence victims, and courts extended restraining orders to last 30 days in 70,732 cases.

The president of this coordinating body is Zorana Mihajlović, who said that it was necessary to establish a central register of domestic violence perpetrators.

Mihajlović recalled that the Gender Equality Act Law was adopted this year and that the Strategy for Preventing and Combating Gender Violence against Women was drafted.

According to her, what is missing is a central register of domestic violence perpetrators, which will help with monitoring the implementation of the relevant law more efficiently. “That is why, with the implementation of the new Strategy, we have initiated the formation of a comprehensive register containing all data on the perpetrator of all forms of violence against women,” she said.

(Novi Magazin, 13.07.2021)


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