Maja Gojkovic:”There won’t be an election in March”

At the end of the third round of inter-party dialogue on electoral conditions, with the assistance of representatives of the European Parliament, the Speaker of the Serbian Parliament, Maja Gojkovic, has announced that the parliamentary elections would not be held, as planned, next March.

“We agreed that the elections should not be held in March, but that President Aleksandar Vucic, under constitutional authority, should decide, within the rights granted to him by the Constitution and the law, the final date on which they could be held, in order to allow the implementation of all the recommendations agreed in these three rounds of dialogue,” said Gojkovic at a press conference in Belgrade, underlining that a number of decisions have been reached that would contribute to the improvement of the electoral conditions.

The head of the EU’s Stabilization and Association Delegation, Tanja Fajon, said that she considered it very important to postpone the date of the elections in order to give people time to build trust in a fair and democratic electoral process.

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After the third round of dialogue between the government and the opposition and numerous meetings in Belgrade on electoral conditions, Fajon said she was satisfied that progress had been made and that the most significant agreement on media freedom had been reached.

She also said that she hoped for new regulations regarding the public broadcaster’s operations during the election campaign to be adopted.

(, 16.12.2019)

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