Maja Gojković first woman to be appointed head of Vojvodina government

The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina Assembly voted in the new provincial government, which will be helmed by Maja Gojković, culture minister in the previous Serbian government and the first woman to take that office.

73 of the 120 members of the autonomous province’s Assembly voted in favour of Gojković becoming new Vojvodina Prime Minister.

She thanked the Assembly members, stating that the trust she received was “a great obligation and great responsibility.”

Maja Gojković, who is a member of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), said her government would “continue to strengthen the focus” on traffic and utility infrastructure, environmental protection, culture, social welfare protection and improvement of the vulnerable groups’ position.

“The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina will this way continue to be the driving force of overall development, in concert with the Serbian government and all other levels of power in our country,” she said.

The new provincial government has 14 members, like the previous one, and includes almost half of the previous government members, as follows:

Vladimir Galić – Secretary of Agriculture and Deputy Prime Minister

 Milan Popov – Secretary of Health and Deputy Prime Minister

Robert Otot – Secretary for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities and Deputy Prime Minister

Aleksandar Sofić – Secretary for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government

Dane Basta – Secretary for Sports and Youth

Aleksandra Ćirić Bošković – Secretary for Culture, Public Information and Religious Communities

Bojan Vranjković – Secretary for Energy, Construction and Transport

Nemanja Erceg – Secretary for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection

Branko Markoski – Secretary for Higher Education and Scientific Research

Nenad Ivanišević – Secretary for Economy and Tourism

Predrag Vuletić – Secretary for Social Policy, Demography and Gender Equality

Smiljka Jovanović – Secretary for Finance

(Beta,, 09.05.2024)

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