Maja Gojkovic ‘combing’ through Ministry of Culture

After the announcement that she will take over the Ministry of Culture in the new government, the current speaker of the Serbian Parliament,  Maja Gojković has already sent her team to the Ministry’s offices, to start working on job organization and “comb through” the Ministry’s documents.

According to unofficial information, when Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić was in the United States, where he signed an economic normalization agreement with Kosovo in the company of U.S. President Donald Trump, Gojković sent her team to meet the Ministry’s employees, visit the offices and get acquainted with the documents.

Sources say that she is already re-organizing the Ministry the way she sees fit. “There will be internal elections for state secretaries and other positions in the Ministry soon,” a source says.

The source from the Ministry of Culture also says that two women and a man arrived in the building during working hours, passed security checks at the entrance, presented themselves as “members of the future team of Minister Gojković” and spent several hours visiting offices, examining documents and talking to people.

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Unofficial sources say that President Vučić is not overly enthusiastic about the idea of Gojković becoming a culture minister.

Nova contacted the press service of the Ministry of Culture, still helmed by Vladan Vukosavljević, who said he did not want to respond to cheap provocations, and then asked Nova to identify its source from inside the Ministry.

(Nova, 17.09.2020)


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