Magna Seating assigned a land plot in Aleksinac – new factory to employ 700 people

The Commission for the Control of State Aid approved for the Municipality of Aleksinac to assign 3.1 hectares of construction land free of charge to the Canadian company, Magna Seating, it was published in the document on the Commission’s official website.

According to the appraisal done by the Tax Administration, the value of the land is 31.2 million dinars.

The land plot is located in the Kukiš industrial zone. The investor plans to build a new building and an industrial facility spanning 8.000 square metres, for production of car seat covers.

The new plant is expected to employ 700 workers in the next five years. The document adds that a total of 13.2 million euro was set aside for salaries for 700 workers.

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At the end of October, members of the Aleksinac local assembly decided that the municipal authorities should conclude a contract on the allocation of construction land in public ownership by direct agreement, without Magna Seating having to pay any compensation for it.

At the beginning of June, Magna started production in a rented hall in Aleksinac, and then it was announced that the second phase of the investment would begin which implies the construction of a new, larger hall where entire production will be relocated and a total of 1,000 people. employed.

To remind, the Canadian company, Magna Seating, produces car seat covers for renowned automotive brands and operates in 18 European countries. They have been operating in Serbia for six years, and they also have a plant in Odžaci, Vojvodina.

(eKapija, 22.12.2020)

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