Macron writes to Kurti asking for the abolition of taxes on Serbian goods

The French President Emmanuel Macron sent a letter to Albin Kurti congratulating him on his election as Prime Minister of Kosovo and at the same time, asking him to abolish taxes on Serbian goods in order to allow the dialogue to continue, reports the Gazeta Express.

“The first step will be to continue the dialogue between the parties, which I am ready to mediate, by organizing a summit in Paris with the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia, in cooperation with Chancellor Merkel and the EU High Representative Borrell,” Macron wrote in a letter on Wednesday, which the French Ambassador in Pristina, Marie-Christine Butel, handed over to Kurti.

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Macron also underlined that the continuation of the dialogue includes initiatives on both sides, namely “the suspension of the 100% tax by Kosovo and the suspension of the campaign against the recognition of Kosovo by Serbia”, wrote the French President.

(Blic, 13.02.2020)

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