Macron to come to Serbia in July

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke today in Belgrade with the French Ambassador to Serbia, Frederic Mondoloni about the forthcoming visit of the French President Emmanuel Macron to Serbia, the situation in the region and Serbia’s path to EU membership.

“Given that the forthcoming visit is the first visit of the French President to Serbia in the last eighteen years, this marks a great progress in the relations between the two countries,” said President Vucic, adding that, considering the French strategy for the Western Balkans, the two statesmen would also discuss Serbia’s bid for EU membership.

Vucic also said that many important agreements, including agreements on economic cooperation, military agreements and agreements on culture and sports will be signed during President Macron’s visit. Also, the two sides will sign agreements on the implementation of several investment projects.

Vucic also underlined that Belgrade was ready to continue the dialogue with Pristina as soon as they abolish the tax on Serbian goods, adding that Pristina’s unilateral moves, which threaten the escalation of the conflict and peace and stability in the region, are unacceptable.

Ambassador Mondoloni welcomed Serbia’s approach to the current crisis in relations with Pristina, pointing out that France welcomes the peaceful reaction of the Serbian side.

He said that President Macron’s visit will be about the improvement of economic cooperation between the two countries, French support for Serbia’s reforms, and support for normalization of the Belgrade-Pristina relations through dialogue.

(Nedeljnik, 26.06.2019)


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