M6-Eden revitalizes BIP brand

Production of BIP beer has been reinstated after the Macedonian company, M6-Eden forged a partnership with the Belgrade Beer Industry (BIP). The beer will be available for purchase in stores in late July.

BIP beer used to be the best-selling beer in Serbia and the region, and is now being produced in a brewery near Mostarska Petlja in Belgrade. “We kept the recongisable label and the character of BIP beer, while preserving the valuable tradition and combining it with modern technology”, said the director of M6-Eden, Aleksandar Popovski.

“We are aware that BIP beer is not an ordinary brand but is rather a symbol of a society and time that many remember with fondness. We want to revitalize that feeling and reinstate this beer brand to its righteous place”, Popovski added.

The Macedonian investment group, M6 has so far successfully revitalized several big companies in the region, including the Skopje Brewery and Tikves.

The Macedonian businessman and the proprietor of M6-Eden, Svetozar Janevski leased the premises of the Belgrade brewery in April this year, paying an annual lease of 920,000 EUR. On the occasion, Janevski also said that he planned on building a brand new brewery, costing 30 million EUR, in the place of the current BIP brewery at a later date. The construction will probably last between two and three years.

Prior to that, in March this year, Janevski gave the best bid for the Belgrade Beer Industry and was given a lease by the company’s creditors. In Macedonia, after privatizing the Skopje Brewery, he sold it to Heineken in 2010.

(Glas Amerike, 17.07.2017)



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