Luxembourg’s company to open a factory in Stara Pazova

The OCSiAl Company, based in Luxembourg, is planning to open a facility for the production of graphene nanotubes in Stara Pazova in October, announced the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

“This is not a big investment, but it is very important. The construction works are expected to begin in October”, said Vucic.

OCSiAl, the biggest global producer of graphene nanotubes, announced in December 2022 that it would open a graphene nanotubes production centre, which improves the performances of lithium-ion batteries, in Stara Pazova.

The future production complex will span 39,668 square metres and will be located in the east production-industrial zone in Stara Pazova,.

The project entails four phases of construction of the production complex, which will be repurposed from a warehouse of the previous factory for the production of confectionery.

As the company announced, the facility for the synthesis of tubes in Stara Pazova will be the core of the industrial center of graphene nanotubes and employ 200 people.

In addition to electric car batteries, nanotubes can be used in the production of asphalt, tires, fire equipment…

OCSiAl, which is headquartered in Luxembourg, is a partner to over 1,500 companies worldwide, including Europe, USA, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, southeast Asia, Taiwan, Japan, India.

(eKapija, 08.07.2024)

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