Lutovac: “Vučić wants to impose his value system through school books”

President of the Democratic Party, Zoran Lutovac, said that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, is trying to impose his political influence and value system by launching the initiative for the state authorities to write the Serbian language, history and geography textbooks in the future.

“Entrusting state authorities, i.e. an obedient textbook publisher, with writing the Serbian language, history and geography textbooks, the autocrat Vučić wants to impose his political influence and value system on our educational system,” said Lutovac.

He added that Vučić’s goal is to translate his political credo “I am the state” into the educational system. “In this way, it is quite possible that students will learn that the 1990s were “a golden age,” just like the current period of the general decline in Serbia. It is also a shortcut to fulfil Vučić’s great desire to ‘get into Serbian history’, which he has spoken about publicly several times,” Lutovac underlined.

The DS president added that Vučić will go down in history, “but certainly not in the way he imagined”.

Hence the idea that the state authorities write history and by doing so, reserve for him the place he would like, and not the one he deserves: “This is just like his friend Viktor Orban, who a few years ago appeared in the Hungarian history textbook as the ‘father of the nation’ with numerous photographs and quotes from his speeches,” Lutovac added.

The DS president concluded that all those who supported Vučić’s initiative should know that textbooks written according to his desires will last as long as he is in power.

(N1, 04.03.2021)

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