Lutovac: “Serbia at risk of suspending negotiations with the EU”

The Democratic Party president, Zoran Lutovac, said that the European Commission report shows that the EU doubts Serbia’s real commitment to European integration and that Serbia is at risk of having accession negotiations suspended.

Lutovac noted that the EC report is relativized by the “regime media” and by some experts, who, as he puts it, want to show a certain balance in the analysis or could be interested in getting a government seat.

To avoid suspension, Serbia, says Lutovac, must pay more attention to two fundamental things: the rule of law and its attitude towards normalizing relations with Pristina.

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It is also said that Belgrade must change its rhetoric regarding the EU and its approach to European integration.

Lutovac assessed that the announced formation of the Ministry of Human Rights and Social Dialogue is a consequence of the Commission’s report, and when asked if that Ministry could help reduce tensions, he thinks that “no Ministry or institution can contribute to reducing tensions if there is no political will to do so”.

He adds that this political will has not been expressed. On the contrary, political opponents are continually muddied and apostrophized in the worst way.

“The European Commission also warns about this,” Lutovac said, concluding that the report also confirms that there are no “free elections” in Serbia.

(Blic, 07.10.2020)

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