Luigi Di Sarro’s exhibition at Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade from 3 to 22 October

As part of the celebration of the Contemporary Art Day, the Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade will stage the exhibition “Luigi Di Sarro – Theatre in the Form of Photography from 3rd to 22nd October.

The exhibition, organized on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the artist’s death in collaboration with the Documentation Centre of Contemporary Artistic Research ‘Luigi Di Sarro’, is curated by Professor Lorenzo Mango of the University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’ and will be opened at the Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade on October 3rd, 2019 at 6.30 pm, where it will remain on show until 22nd October.

Before the official opening of the exhibition, the Italian Institute of Culture will host the presentation of the book by Carla Cucchiarelli “That night in Rome”, a biography of the artist who died prematurely in Rome, in 1979, at the age of thirty-seven, due to a fatal mistake made during a tide of terrorism in Italy in the 1970s and the enactment of the Reale Law. Di Sarro left a vast artistic production stored in museums in both in Italy and abroad, as well as projects, notes, aphorisms and collections of poetry.

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This year, the Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade participates in the celebration of the “Contemporary Art Day”, an initiative aimed at promoting the world of contemporary art, launched by the Association of Italian Museums of Contemporary Art (AMACI) and coordinated by the General Directorate of Contemporary Art and Architecture and the Urban Peripherals of the Italian Ministry of Culture (MiBAC). Thanks to the cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian embassies, consulates and institutes of culture abroad organize such events in order to valorize contemporary Italian art and culture.

(Blic, 30.09.2019)

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