Lucrative business deals for the leader of FC Red Star supporters

Construction company Ultra Kop, which is run by Marko Vuckovic (a.ka. Commander), one of the leaders of FC Red Star’s supporters, was commissioned to do two new projects last week by the public enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS).

According to an earlier investigation carried out by Insajder, Ultra Kop has six employees and, in a consortium with several other companies, did projects for EPS worth over 150 million dinars.

Last week, EPS commission companies M Enterijer Gradnja and Elektromontaža Kraljevo to carry out a deal worth close to 500 million dinars while Ultra Kop was hired as one of the subcontractors.

On the same day, on 11th August, Ulta Kop and several other companies were also chosen by EPS to carry out projects in the Belgrade area.

The projects should be completed by 2019 which guarantees continuity of work for Ultra Kop, while, the company was also supposed to finish some previous projects, commissioned by EPS, a month ago.

When Insajder inquired whether Ultra Kop completed the project in the area of Lazarevac, commissioned by EPS, on time, the answer was affirmative. This particular project was worth 22 million dinars.

On the other hand, no information was given whether Ultra Kop has managed to finish EPS-commissioned projects in the area of Zrenjanin and Pancevo in July last year.

To remind, it was the Juzna Backa Company which won this project at a tender. Juzna Backa subsequently hired Ultra Kop as a subcontractor.

In the first five months of its operations, the Ultra Kop Company generated revenue in the amount of 31.5 million dinars, and net profit of 2.7 million dinars. Last year, Ultra Kop increased its revenue four times, and its net profit to 7.1 million dinars. The company’s seat is at the Marakana Stadium in Belgrade where it also has its business premises. It is registered for construction works and has three proprietors – Milica Knezevic owns a 20% stake, Svetlana Lakic 40% and Aleksandra Vuckovic 40%. Before Aleksandra Vuckovic was given a stake in the company, one of the main leaders of the FC Red Star’s supporters, Marko Vuckovic was listed as a co-owner.

Back in 2009, in its series of articles titled „The helplessness of the state“, Insajder reported that Vuckovic (also known as Mare and Commander) was one of the leaders of Delije Ultra Boys  (a group of die hard supporters of FC Red Star). Also in 2009, the state prosecutor demanded for the group to be banned, but this request was thrown out at the Constitutional Court.

(Insajder, 14.08.2017)

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