Lower petrol and diesel prices as of today

“As of today, the price of diesel will be reduced by 0.42 dinars and petrol by 0.24 dinars per litre,” said President Aleksandar Vučić.

A few days ago, the Serbian government passed a decree that caps the wholesale prices of Euro diesel and Premium BMB 95 petrol. According to the degree, the Ministry of Energy determines new fuel prices every Friday, which are then forwarded to the Ministry of Commerce that has the final say in the price. The Ministry of Commerce is obligated to publish the new prices on its official website, no later than 3 PM, every Friday.

Petrol stations are also obliged to charge the retail prices of Euro diesel and Premium BMB 95 petrol, which must not exceed the maximum retail prices determined by the Ministry of Commerce, immediately after their publication on the official website. If petrol stations refuse to adhere to these rules, they could be fined between 5,000 and 2 million dinars.

Furthermore, the Serbian government has also amended the decree which now stipulates that vehicle owners and companies are allowed to buy the maximum quantity of 60 litres of fuel per vehicle, in addition to the fuel they already have in their vehicles’ tanks.

This measure primarily benefits farmers who need large quantities of fuel to use their agricultural machinery for everyday work.

(Euronews, 17.03.2022)


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