Low turnout at polls in Belgrade

According to the Ne da(vi)mo Beograd Movement, the low voter turnout, especially in Belgrade, shows that the city does not agree with the dictatorship. The Movement also says that the elections have been rigged and do not reflect the electoral will of the citizens.

“Despite all the irregularities and manipulations, the 50% lower turnout is good news, and means that most of our citizens do not agree with rigged elections. We are also pleased to see the very low turnout in Belgrade, which we believe is a clear message that our city is against the dictatorship of the SNS-led regime. The people of Belgrade have clearly said NO! to the dictatorship of Vucic’s party,” the Movement says.

Pre-electoral analysis by Biagio Carrano: click here to read it!

They add: “The fact that no opposition electoral list has achieved a result above the electoral threshold of 3%, a mere attempt to create illusory pluralism in the National Parliament, shows that we are on the verge of the implementation of a single-party system.

We are pleased that an overwhelming majority of the Belgrade citizens refused to participate in rigged elections. This tells us that our messages were well received, that the campaign to boycott the election was understood and supported by the citizens,” the Movement concluded.

(Blic, 22.06.2020)




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