Low-cost flights from Cenej airport, near Novi Sad, soon?

Low-cost, tourist and business charter flights, as well as air taxi flights, might soon become available at Cenej Airport, near Novi Sad.

Public enterprise Urbanizam has prepared a conceptual framework of the detailed regulation plan of the airport, which means that it might soon be put up for public review. The plan stipulates that around 148 hectares of this sports and agricultural airport, a part of the farming land and a part of the Horgos-Belgrade state road, will be put to use for civilian purposes.

Zoran Drakula, a member of the Managing Board of Aero-Klub Novi Sad, which operates from Cenej, and a motor kite flight instructor, says that the golden age of the club was between the 1960s and the 1970s and that since then the airport has fallen into disarray.  He adds that the members of the club also want a tourist-sports centre to be established on the airport’s premises.

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“The idea is to open a restaurant, a playroom for children, enable recreational flights, and the construction of a small pool and an inn”, Drakula said.

Cenej Airport has a long tradition and was used by some of the best Yugoslav pilots.

“Vojvodina has the population of around two million, and it would be quite practical if they could travel from Cenej airport to tourist destinations like Thessaloniki, Tivat, Budapest, Ljubljana or Vienna”, Drakula points out.

“The construction of a civilian airport near Novi Sad would disencumber Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade. Of course, the plan doesn’t include jumbo jets or airbuses, as the runway is not long enough, but smaller charter-flights”, Drakula says and adds that the adoption of the said proposition was the first real step towards the realization of the plan.

He also points out that the goal was not to build a big airport like Belgrade or Nis, but a smaller, functional airport that can cater to planes with up to 50 seats.

(Dnevnik, 26.02.2019)





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