Longest life span in Spain and Japan – What about Serbia?

As far as life expectancy is concerned, a survey conducted three years ago and published by Ceworld magazine showed the following forecasts:

In 2030, it is expected that people will live the longest in Spain, up to 85.8 years on average. The longevity of the Spaniards is quite unexpected and a complete novelty. The reason is the Japanese, who have been living the longest for years.

Thus, Japan with an average of 85.7 years will be second on the list. The island country from the Pacific has been in the first place for years since such researches have been conducted and the human lifespan has been measured.

Singapore is expected to be third with an average of 85.4 years, followed by the Swiss (85.2).

 Portugal is in the 5th place, followed by Italy, Israel, France, Luxembourg and Australia.

What about Serbia?

Serbia is at the very bottom of the life expectancy list. We will live longer than African countries, certain Latin American and Asian countries, but when it comes to the European countries, Serbia is almost at the bottom with only Russia, Belarus and Ukraine below us.

The research showed that the average Serb will live 78.4 years in 2030, compared to 75.9 in 2018.  

(Biznis i Finansije, 01.05.2023)


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