Long lost documentary about Leonard Cohen to be shown at Beldocs

One of the more outstanding documentaries that will be featured the 12th International Documentary Film Festival, Beldocs in Belgrade is definitely “Bird on a Wire: Leonard Cohen,” a documentary that many people thought was lost forever.

The film’s director Tony Palmer, who will be the official festival guest, made a documentary about Leonard Cohen’s tour of Europe in 1972, which featured 17 of the greatest Cohen’s songs and portrays the iconic singer when he was at the height of his fame. On March 18, 1972, Cohen began touring Europe, starting in Dublin and ending in Jerusalem on April 21. He performed in 20 cities, in Royal Albert Hall in London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vienna, Berlin, Paris…

The documentary was thought to be lost, but it was discovered in a warehouse in Hollywood in 2009 and was subsequently digitally restored.

The film testifies to the specific, simple style and strong emotions that emerge from each of its verses of Cohen’s songs.  

„Bird on а Wire” is also an important documentary testament about Europe in the early 1970s, the culture of that time, the new ideas that were born, the changes that preceded …

This year’s 12th International Documentary Film Festival, Beldocs, which will be held in Belgrade from 8th to 15th May, will feature more than 100 premieres from around the world.  

(Arte, 09.04.2019)



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