Local elections could take place on August 11th?

The new election in Belgrade will take place on June 2, which is the date requested by several opposition parties in order to implement the ODIHR’s recommendations, while the earliest election in most cities and municipalities could be on June 9.

Also, August 11 is mentioned as a possible date for local elections. The only way for the government not to call elections is for the government to adopt a special law, i.e. lex specialis, and postpone the voting until the end of September or later in the fall.

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vučić, said earlier that he would discuss the election dates with his party’s top officials, although one thing is sure – the Belgrade election cannot take place at the same time as the election in Niš or Novi Sad.  

Political scientist Boban Stojanović says that the deadline for the resignations of mayors or presidents of municipalities (the main prerequisite for calling local elections) expired. Theoretically, if everyone had submitted their resignations on March 22, local authorities would have a one-month deadline to form a new majority in local parliaments and if they failed to do so, a new election would take place within the next 45 days. As mayors and municipal presidents did not resign by March 22nd, a new election could not have been called soon after.

Therefore, the first legal deadline for city and municipal elections would be June 5, which is a Wednesday, and the first week for elections is June 9.

(Nova.rs, 22.03.2024)



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