Local elections: 10% drop in turnout, widespread SNS dominance except the municipalities of Kanjiža, Bačka Topola, Senta, Tutin

Today, Sunday 2 June, local elections were held in over eighty Serbian municipalities. The refusal of some opposition groups to participate affected the turnout, which at 7 pm was estimated by the CeSiD-IPSOS consortium to be 42.2% in Belgrade compared to 54.1% in December 2023, to 46.3 % in Novi Sad compared to 54.7% in the previous elections and 44.4% Niš compared to the previous 54.2%.

In Belgrade, with 91% of the votes counted, the “Beograd tomorrow” list built around the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) obtained 52.8% of the valid votes equal to 64 councillors, followed by the “I am Belgrade – change begins” list ” by Savo Manojlović with 17.5% and 21 councilors, from the “Let’s choose Beograd” list led by Dobrica Veselinovic and Miloš Pavlović with 12.3% and 14 councilors. Dr. Nestorović’s “We the strength of the people” also exceeds the 4% threshold with 8.1% for 9 councillors. Two councilors go to the Russian Party.

In Niš, with 92% of the votes counted, the “Aleksandar Vučić-Niš tomorrow” list reached 44.5% of the valid votes equal to 30 councillors, followed by the “Citizens’ Group – Dr Dragan Milić” with 24.4 % and 16 councilors, from the “Let’s choose Niš” list with 15.4% and 10 councilors. The “Savo Manojlovič – I am Niš too – Change begins” list with 2 councilors is at 4% and currently above the threshold, as is the “United” list with 2 councillors, while 1 councilor goes to the Russian Party.

In Novi Sad, after an agitated day characterized by various clashes between opposition parties’ supporters and police officers, with 71.6% of the votes counted, the “Aleksandar Vučić – Novi Sad tomorrow” list recorded 52.8% and 46 councillors, followed by “United for Free Novi Sad” with 24, 2% and 20 councillors, the list “Savo Manojlović – I am also Novi Sad – Change begins with 9.8% and 8 councillors. The “Heroes of Miša Bačulov” list obtained 3.9% and 1 councillor, as did the Alliance of Hungarians of Vojvodina which received 1 councillor.

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